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Beaverlac | Cederberg Camping, Swimming & Hiking

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Experiencing beautiful Beaverlac for a few days is sure to have life looking a little brighter. This natural, indigenously South African spot in Porterville area is the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Get back in touch with nature as you camp under the stars, dive under the freshwater pools, and hike the mountain trails. Whatever it is that you’re looking for from this gorgeous space, you’ll be going home happy.

So keep reading to find out how to get to Beaverlac as well as the camping and non-camping options. We will also tell you about the hiking trails and swimming spots that you can find, so that you’re fully ready for your adventure. And, if you’re keen on climbing and highlining in the Cederberg, check out Rocklands!

Getting to Beaverlac from Cape Town

Cape Town has so much to do and see, from Table Mountain to the sea. But one thing it doesn’t have, is a great camping site within the city limits. So, since it is simple to get from Cape Town to Beaverlac, this is a great option for a weekend away.

Follow the N7 to Kerk Street in Piketberg, and take the R44. Continue on the R44 until you get to Dasklip Road, which will be indicated by signage. Dasklip will take you straight to Beaverlac. Just be sure to send out your last messages before you turn onto the road, as you’ll quickly lose signal!

You can plan to take about two hours to get to the campsite. Since most of the drive is along the N7, you can appreciate the scenery as you go. There are also a number of petrol stations and rest stops where you can grab a cup of coffee.

It is also a good idea to draw some money at the ATM, as the campsite has a well stocked store, but it only accepts cash. It would also be wise to bring along everything you need, in case the Beaverlac store doesn’t have your favourite foods and snacks.

The basics: what you need to know about Beaverlac

  • Everyone in your group needs to apply and be approved before you arrive — you can use this booking form
  • Dogs are allowed, as long as you can control them
  • Beaverlac is a family campsite, so they ask for quiet after 10pm, and no music at any time of day
  • Beaverlac is cash only, and a solid 1-hour drive from the nearest town
  • They have an uncommonly well-stocked shop and good bathrooms
  • The dirt road into Beaverlac can be harsh on small cars; if you have the option, it’s best to go in a larger or even offroad vehicle

Beaverlac camping

One of the biggest attractions of this stunning space is the excellent camping. With no demarcated campsites and space for over 1000 people, you’ll have all the freedom you could want here.

Simply drive around the area and take a look at the options. There are multiple shower and toilet blocks, so you will never be too far from one, wherever you choose to settle.

In summer, it’s best to find a spot that will be under the shade of the plentiful trees, so that your tent doesn’t overheat too much. If you’re camping with a number of people, you can set your site up around a fire pit. It’s always best to be near a fire pit, even if you don’t intend to cook. After all, a campfire is an institution, and roasted marshmallows go hand in hand with a great camping experience.

During your stay be sure to keep all of your rubbish together so that you can take it with you from the campsite when you leave. Also, don’t forget your camping essentials!

And try not to make the same mistake as me and bring a weak tent that will collapse on you during the night. Damp plastic on my face in the morning was not an ideal wake up!

Beaverlac non-camping options

For those who prefer to be surrounded by four solid walls, there are Beaverlac’s cosy cabins. There are a number of options, ranging from a snug one-person shelter to a large six-person cabin. All of the options have beds, but that’s about all that they have in common.

You can find an option where your party will need to bring everything but chairs, and it will offer you an experience very near camping. Just with walls protecting you from the elements, and a bed to relax in.

You can also choose to bring nothing but your sleeping bag and food, if you bag one of the cabins with crockery, electricity and a fridge.

So as you can see, there is a good range at the Beaverlac campsite, and you’re sure to be comfortable, no matter your tastes.

Beaverlac hiking trail

With such beautiful surroundings and scenery, Beaverlac is the perfect place to lace up your walking shoes to set out and explore. Though the hiking routes might not measure up to the majesty of Table Mountain’s hiking trails (or the difficulty), they’re still stunning, and a really great way to spend a few happy hours.

There is only one marked hiking trail in Beaverlac, and that is the Totem Pool trail, otherwise known as Leopard Trail. The highlight of this trail is the rock pools that you can find along the way, including Totem Pool. Since hiking can be hard work, it’s great to dip into a few of these on the way.

Swimming spots and rock pools

There are three major swimming holes in Beaverlac, with a few river spots along the way to cool off in. Each natural pool boasts its own beauty and is unique from the others.

The distance to each pool differs, which determines their level of busyness. But we recommend that you visit each if you’re here for a full weekend. They are, after all, one of the main attractions of Beaverlac.

Main Pool

main pool at beaverlac

This gorgeous rock pool is just a 5-minute walk from the campsite. Just put on a pair of sandals to walk through the bush path, and you’re good to go. Because of how easy it is to get to, it is the busiest pool, and you can often find people frolicking here from the early morning till the light fades. In fact, it’s also a perfect place to have a nighttime dip and watch the stars while you float about!

The rocks that surround the pool are a great place to relax and sun yourself when you get out of the chilly water. If you come prepared, it’s also a perfect spot to enjoy a little picnic or a drink. However, because this is the busiest pool, you might have a few envious eyes on your snacks.

Totem Pools

Katja jumping in! Image courtesy of Timothy Chambers

If you and your party are feeling up for a little hike, the Totem Pools are a worthy destination. The 45-minute trek will also give you a chance to really appreciate the surrounding nature and the flora that grows here.

The hike can be a bit steep and on a hot day it may feel daunting. But jumping into the cold water at the end makes it so worth it. There are a number of chilly pools up here, and plenty of rocks to laze on. The main pool is backed by a rock cliff, from which you can jump into the deep water, if you’re feeling brave.

Secret Pool

When our friend told us about this one, we thought it really was a secret pool, known only to a few. Though that’s not actually the case (bummer) it is a quiter, calmer pool.

A 15-minute walk from the campsite, this natural pool is far away enough that people don’t flock to it like the main pool. But it’s not nearly as tricky to get to as the Totem Pools, as there are no uphills involved.

The surrounding area is every bit as beautiful as the clear waters, with interesting rock slabs leading away from the pool creating an otherworldly appearance. Sometimes a river flows languidly through the rocks, and you can slide your way down. Even if not, it’s worth walking down it for a bit to appreciate this natural phenomenon.

Ready to go camping at Beaverlac, Porterville?

One of the most popular camping sites in our region, Beaverlac makes for the perfect weekend in nature. Without cell service or the other modern-day distractions, you can really connect with those you’re camping with.

So pack a couple games, a few beers, a good book and tasty snacks, and get ready to have a wonderful time. We certainly did, and its refreshing effects lasted for a good few happy weeks. And when the memory fades and you need another, why not try multi-day hiking in Zooridge? Or this other lovely Cederberg camping site, Jamaka! Or a romantic camping getaway to Suikerbossie!