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We’re open to collaborations with local projects, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. Let’s explore how!

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What Wander Cape Town is about

Wander Cape Town is run by the founder, Katja Mamacos, with the help of twin sister Küra and a series of collaborations and contributions from locals.

The website is a guide to the mother city — not just a travel guide for tourists and visitors, but a resource for locals to learn more about our own city, from its natural resources to the various interests, hobbies and sports catered to by local businesses and communities.

The main aim of Wander Cape Town is to be a space where locals and visitors can be introduced to the city’s many incredible experiences and entrepreneurs, and to explore every element of our natural beauty.

We want everyone to preserve and support and get excited about local!

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Businesses and experience providers

Wander Cape Town is open to collaborating with local (South African) brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and experience providers. We collaborate primarily by featuring you in a relevant article which already ranks well on Google (like small businesses in Cape Town, or date ideas in Cape Town), as this usually provides the best long-term visibility for you.

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Rates and Policies

Wander Cape Town rate card

Wander Cape Town’s payment system is ‘pay as you earn’. Our aim is to promote your local business, no matter the size or budget. That’s why we’ve created this adaptive, once-off payment system, so that we can collaborate without costing you too much, while also keeping our own business afloat. It’s trust-based, which means we won’t be looking at your books — we’ll trust that you’re honest about your bracket.

Here are a few more terms:

  • We only work with local brands, and prefer small businesses and entrepreneurs over franchises.
  • We only work with brands we know and like — this doesn’t mean we have to know who you are when you get in contact, but it does mean that we need to try your product or join your experience; and if we find that we don’t want to promote you to our readers, we reserve the right not to.
  • If we choose not to promote your product or experience, we will not send an invoice for payment.
  • If your business or project doesn’t make any money, don’t let that stop you from connecting with us — we want to promote everything that will benefit our readers, money is secondary.
  • All features are guaranteed for a year.

Further collaboration opportunities

flying over Sea Point with Airventures

An important caveat here is that we need to have experienced what we promote, and we reserve the right not to post if we do not enjoy or support the experience, as our readers always come first. 

We don’t create standalone posts for products, but many local experiences are well suited to a dedicated article — like this one.

We’re open to more long-term relationships with local brands, featuring your products in multiple relevant content pieces on the website and socials.

Social media is not Wander Cape Town’s main focus, but we’re open to featuring and tagging you in a post or reel.

If you prefer the affiliate model over a once-off payment, we’re open to promoting your products or services and earning a commission for each sale or action generated through our referral.

We have a lot of overlapping content on Wander Cape Town. If your product or service suits multiple different articles, we’re open to multiple features. No more than three.

We do not and will not feature display ads anywhere on Wander Cape Town — only in-content features written by our team.

Individuals and community projects

If you have something happening in Cape Town that you’re excited about and think people should know, get in contact and we can chat about whether or not it aligns with Wander Cape Town and how best to cover it! We’re open to interviewing locals, collaborating on an article outline which you then write and we edit, creating visual media together, and other forms of collaboration.

Cleaning up the Liesbeek River

We’re particularly interested in interviewing and collaborating with — 

  • Community and environmental upliftment projects in and around Cape Town
  • Local experts in any field relevant to Capetonians (including native botany and biology, infrastructure development, niche interests, etc.)
  • Enthusiastic amateurs interested in those same fields
  • Anyone with a vision to improve or uplift our city

If you want to learn more about how we collaborate with locals at Wander Cape Town, check out our Local Knowledge Project or get in contact!

Previous collaborations with community members

Koebraa Peters

Koebraa Pieters​

Marine Science Lecturer at CPUT

Argon Poorun

Argon Poorun

Sustainable energy expert

Danel Wentzel

Danel Wentzel

Marine biologist and conservationist

Jacques Marais

Jacques Marais

Outdoor photojournalist

Get in contact!

If you’re interested in collaborating, or in discussing options, email us at katja@wandercapetown.com or DM via Instagram.