Sea Point | Neighbourhood Guide to Cape Town’s central coastal hub

This beautiful coastal neighbourhood is one of the most accessible and enjoyable areas in Cape Town! It’s also my own neighbourhood, so I’ve been exploring everything it has to offer. And it’s not just the Promenade!

I’ve put together a resource on all the best things you can do and see in Sea Point, including the cafés and coffee shops in the area. From hiking and kayaking to Sunday strolls with picturesque views, there’s a great deal to enjoy here.

10 Best things to do in Sea Point

So, let’s jump into all the best things to do in Sea Point! Despite being a pretty small neighbourhood, Sea Point packs a punch. You can enjoy multiple adventure sports here, surprise your partner with the perfect date, or spend a lovely day with the family.

Hike up Signal Hill

Signal Hill is one of the most unappreciated hikes in Cape Town! Approaching the track from Sea Point’s Ocean View Drive, it’s an easy trek with stunning views over the city. We do the walk every week, and it’s always a joy (and perfect for trail running). The track slopes very gradually up and around Signal Hill, surrounded on either side by plantlife, with Sea Point below.

As you reach the top, you’ll see the whole of Cape Town, with Table Mountain and its sister peaks, stretching out before you. And if you turn to the left and walk a little further along the track (past the mosque), you’ll soon come to a bench overlooking the sparkling ocean. It’s a magical spot to sit and take it all in.

Take a walk along the Promenade

Of course, the Sea Point Promenade has to feature on any list of Cape Town activities! The Promenade is just so peaceful and beautiful and well-frequented. It’s also very long, and you can spend an hour walking from one end of it to the other.

On that walk, you’ll see dogs and children playing, people gyming using the outdoor gear, waves crashing, seagulls and oystercatchers flying about, and lots of people enjoying the fun. I’d recommend strolling along the length of the promenade, and then going for a coffee at one of the cafes below. That’s one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning!

The Promenade also often has giant photo displays along its ocean wall, and at the moment (2021) you can find displays of Thomas Peschak’s work, and a South African birdlife exhibition.

Play putt-putt

Now, I’ve never played putt-putt here myself, but I hear very good things! It’s a cute little miniature golf course perfect for dates or days with the kids. And it’s right next to the Promenade, and to Green Point Common. So you can really make a day of it, and follow your putt-putting up with ice cream from the Creamery (right outside the entrance to the park) and then a stroll through the extensive gardens.

Take a dip in the ocean

Sea Point has a few tide pools where you can take a chilly, exhilarating dip. It’s not for the faint of heart outside of summer, but when the sun is warm, there’s nothing quite like it. Particularly because so many birds make their home in the area, so you’re really surrounded by nature despite being so close to the cityscape.

And while they’re not among the top beaches in Cape Town because of the rocky coastline, Sea Point also has a few little beaches. I’d recommend Rocklands Beach as the prettiest, but all are great for sunbathing and a dip. Kids also love them, because of the light sand, lack of waves, and curious creatures living in all the natural rockpools!

Rent a bike and explore

There’s something special about riding a bike on a sunny, breezy day. And Sea Point is a wonderful place to do it! On the western side of the promenade, you can rent a bike and set off to explore. Follow the coast and enjoy the salty smells, stunning views, and the wind blowing through your hair.

This is also an ideal option for those who want to explore Sea Point and Green Point in an hour rather than three.

Grab something to eat and enjoy the view

At the western end of the promenade, you’ll find some lekker food stalls. You can find something to eat here and then grab a spot to sit and enjoy the view. There’s always a lot going on here, and you can alternate between people-watching and bird-watching.

Watch the paragliding

This is much like watching the general views, but I thought I’d add it in here separately because Sea Point and Signal Hill are so popular for paragliding!

You can watch the paragliders from the Promenade (or from everywhere in Sea Point – we see them every day through the window). But if you want a great view, the Signal Hill hike is the best vantage point. From here, you’ll be meters away from the whooping paragliders, and really get to see the trick turns and elegant gliding.

If you’re interested in actually paragliding yourself, check out our paragliding post! It’s fantastic fun.

Take your kids to the park

If you have children, Sea Point is particularly lovely. At least, I believe it is – I don’t have any kids of my own! But I always see happy kiddies playing at the little park on Sea Point’s western side. As well as zooting along on bikes and scooters, or admiring the happy doggies playing on the grass. There’s a lot of happiness going around!

You can also take your kids to explore the rock pools that form along the rocky coast, and spot the many creatures that thrive here. They just need to be careful not to slip in!

Go kayaking

Another fantastic way to see Sea Point – and beyond – is from the water. From their base at 179 Beach Road, Mouille Point, you can join Cape Kayak Adventures on a two-hour ocean adventure around Sea Point and beyond.

The trip gives you perfect views (and photo opportunities) of Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles, and our beautiful cityside coastline. You may also be joined by dolphins – particularly on summer mornings!

Join a boxing or yoga class

If you’re keen to get a bit of exercise or try something different, Sea Point has a number of yoga studios – perhaps the most popular being Hot Dog Yoga. You can spend an hour stretching out and challenging yourself, before grabbing a coffee just below the studio.

You can also try a boxing class at The Ring Reloaded. We found it extremely challenging and rewarding, and it’s so cool to get those gloves on and have a few rounds. Just be aware that it’s super tiring! We felt rather broken the day after.

Lovely cafés in Seapoint

Kura and I working at Schoon with some very tasty cheesecakes to keep us going

One of the things Seapoint is most popular for is all the lovely cafes. Since we moved to the neighbourhood, we’ve tried all of the below, and just loved each of them! It’s honestly very difficult to rein ourselves in and not pop down for a coffee and a pastry twice a week.


Pauline’s is a charming little cafe with a focus on sustainability and healthy options. In addition to some top-quality coffee, you can grab one of their sweet vegan creations. Or sit down for a unique salad – the one I had here included a bunch of things I’ve never had in a salad before, like barley, apple and thin slices of cabbage, and it was terrific!

My personal favourite here is the cinnamon buns, which aren’t too sweet at all and pair perfectly with a flat white. The cafe itself is quite narrow and intimate, so it’s perfect for a solo or romantic trip, but not ideal for families.


Schoon cappuccinos with our favourite Mervyn Gers mugs, featured in our Cape Town’s small businesses post!

Schoon is a favourite of mine because of their delicious fresh-baked bread (which is half-price after 2pm on a weekday) and their terrific coffees and pastries. So basically, everything they offer. The service can be a little slow, but it’s always enthusiastic. It’s also a great place to work if you like remote working from cafes, with handy plug points and good music.

Coco Safar

Coco Safar is kind of an upmarket restaurant/cafe. But if you buy just a coffee, they bring it to you on a little wooden board with a mini lemon madeleine and a small glass of sparkling water. And for the same price as a coffee anywhere else!

They also have lots of tasty treats and a lovely atmosphere, so if you’re feeling luxurious, I’d definitely recommend popping in here.


When we visited Naked a few days ago, it was only because Pauline’s was closed. But we ended up having the best carrot cake all three of us have ever had. The cafe itself has a great aesthetic, with lots of green tiles and wood, and plenty of light. And while I can’t speak for the rest of their food and drink, their iced coffees and confectionary are just fantastic. Perfect for summer!

My Sugar

On the less healthy side is My Sugar! Specialising in creative chocolates and confectionery, this little cafe is a den of temptation. So just don’t expect to walk in here and have only a coffee.

I’ve had a few of their chocolates, including ones with caramel miso paste, marshmallow fluff, and toasted almonds. But I know that they’re always coming up with new creations, so I’ll have to visit again soon!

You can sit here and have a treat with your coffee, or you can order some choccies to go – or both. It’s great fun, and totally decadent.

Jarryds Espresso Bar + Eatery

If you feel like a particularly elegant cafe, Jarryds is extra classy! And the large cappuccino is brilliant, with a touch of cocoa to make it even tastier. Jarryds is a mimosa brunch type of café, with plenty of plants and natural light, and a pretty hipster vibe. I like my cafes a little more rustic, but that’s personal preference, and this place was great. It also has very cheerful service!

Be Acai

Be Acai is a healthier cafe option in Sea Point. In addition to coffees, you can find some fantastic smoothies and juices here, to go or to enjoy here. We also had some lovely wraps and sandwiches, and I know you can get great acai-based smoothie bowls.

Last thoughts on Cape Town’s Sea Point

Glenn and I watching the paragliders from Signal Hill – photo courtesy of our friend Joanna Michowicz

So there you have it, all our favourite activities and haunts in Sea Point! This isn’t a big neighbourhood, but it’s certainly a beautiful one, with plenty to offer.

For anyone visiting Cape Town for a short time, I’d recommend spending the morning in Sea Point before exploring further into the outskirts of the city. Cape Town is a big, sprawling city, and there’s a lot to see in every direction.

If you have any recommendations you think should be added to the list, pop me a message. I’d always love to know what I’m missing!

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