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8 reasons you’ll love Green Point Park

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Green Point Park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, and it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset, and admission is free!

One of the unique features of Green Point Park is its sustainability initiatives. The park has been designed to be environmentally friendly, with a rainwater harvesting system and solar-powered lighting. It also includes a recycling center and composting facilities.

This public park was opened in 2011 and covers an area of 12.5 hectares. It’s huge, stunning, and packed with way more to do than you’d first think. Let’s dive in!

It’s free to enter

Visiting Green Point Park is, without a doubt, one of the best free things to do in Cape Town. And it’s fully free — free parking, free access, and no pay-to-enter sections. The only paid part is the little restaurant, and I honestly think it’s better to picnic here. Not because the restaurant is bad, but because there are so many beautiful places to relax on the grass!

Amazing kids’ playparks

kids playpark Green Point Park

Green Point Park has three children’s playparks —  the Tot-lot Play Park (for children 1 – 6 years), the Adventure play park (for children 7 – 16 years), and the Outdoor Labyrinth. The Adventure park is one of the coolest I’ve seen, and all three are super well-kept and well-used. If you have kids, this is one of the first Cape Town attractions I’d recommend!

The biodiversity garden is stunning and educational

One of the park’s main attractions, the biodiversity garden has been designed to showcase the rich plant life of the Cape Floristic Region — one of the world’s six floral kingdoms renowned for its diverse flora and fauna.

The Biodiversity Garden features a variety of indigenous plants and trees, including fynbos, proteas, and restios. You can explore the garden on foot, following the meandering pathways that wind through the different sections. Each section is labelled with information about the plants and their ecological importance.

And the garden isn’t just for humans! It’s been designed to provide habitats for a variety of local bird and insect species, so you’ll see a range of native birdlife, such as the Cape sugarbird, sunbirds, and various species of weavers. Butterflies and other insects are also commonly seen in the garden.

Overall, the Biodiversity Garden is a must-see attraction for nature lovers visiting Green Point Park. It offers a tranquil and educational experience in the heart of the city.

Perfect place to picnic

Green Point Park is a great place for a picnic with friends and family, surrounded by nature and scenic views of the surrounding mountains. There are several designated picnic areas, including grassy lawns and shaded seating areas with tables and benches. Visitors are welcome to bring their own picnic baskets and blankets or use the park’s picnic facilities.

I should note that alcohol is not allowed in the park, and visitors are asked to dispose of their trash responsibly to help keep the park clean and enjoyable for everyone. Additionally, the park is a popular destination, especially on weekends and public holidays (at least one big birthday is celebrated here most weekends!). So visitors may want to arrive early to secure a great picnic spot.

You can get a workout in

The park even has an outdoor gym! A well-equipped one. Located near the entrance to the park, it’s equipped with a variety of exercise machines and equipment. It allows visitors to combine their workout with fresh air and natural surroundings, making for a more enjoyable and motivating exercise experience. And perhaps more importantly, it’s free! 

Some of the equipment available at the Green Point Park outdoor gym includes:

  • Treadmills
  • Stationary bikes
  • Elliptical machines
  • Weightlifting machines
  • Pull-up bars
  • Benches for bench pressing and other exercises
  • Parallel bars for bodyweight exercises

The gym is designed to provide a range of cardio and strength training options to suit different fitness levels and goals. The equipment is well-maintained and regularly inspected for safety.

Fantastically well-located

By this I mean that if you’re not ready to go home after your lovely visit to Green Point Park, you’ll be spoilt for options of what to do next. Located at the intersection of Cape Town’s CBD, the Waterfront, and Sea Point, you’ll find plenty in any direction you turn. 

The park sits right next to the ocean and the tail end of the iconic Sea Point Promenade. You could take an hour-long stroll along the water’s edge, watching the waves and searching for (and finding) life in the many rocky pools. You can also pop over to one of the nearby restaurants or the Oranjezicht Market!  

Dogs are allowed on leash

green point park dogs

There are designated areas within the park where dogs are allowed, allowing you to take a lovely long walk with your pup. Dogs are not allowed in the children’s play area, or the biodiversity garden.

Green Point Park also has one of the best dog parks in the city, tucked into the North corner. There you can let your pup off the leash — and there are always other dogs to play and socialise with!

So varied and beautiful

This park is just so large and extensive, that you can visit a good few times before you’ve seen the whole thing. I love visting regularly, and watching the seagulls take their noisy baths in the lake, the families celebrating birthdays on the lawn, the trees flowering. There’s so much to enjoy that I had to include it as a seperate reason to love the Green Point Park!

Green Point Park water feature
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