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For those topics that are best explored in company! There are so many subjects that none of us can have all the information on, and where perspective and experience are vital. Like the best festivals to go to, or where to go climbing in and around Cape Town.

So, we’ve started asking the Cape Town community to participate in collaborative articles. This is just the start!

7 Awesome Surfing Spots in Cape Town

Here you can read about seven incredible surfing spots in Cape Town. We’ve asked local surfers to write about why this is their spot and what to look out for. Enjoy the read! 

Origin festival

10 Incredible music festivals in & around Cape Town

Cape Town has an incredible music festival scene, but it’s hard to find information or know what to expect. So here’s some info on Cape Town Festivals, from people who’ve been to them.

Project mission

The Local Knowledge Project is funded by myself (Katja) after many months spent trying to figure out how I can best help my city when my own knowledge and skills are limited. This initiative took on a lot of different forms in my planning stages, and I thought I had it figured out a good few times before I actually did. 

In the end, though, I settled on community-sourced, community-promoting knowledge sharing. A way for us to teach each other what we know. Whether that’s how to make local traditional recipes, or how to propagate our native plantlife, or where to go freediving off our coast and how to do it without negatively impacting the ecosystem. There’s so much to learn – things that only Cape Town (and in some cases, South African) locals are qualified to teach. 

So that’s the mission of this project – to provide a simple, accessible platform, and to help people communicate effectively. And see where that takes us!


  • Provide a publishing space for locals
  • Learn from people who have lots to teach
  • Prioritize and grow community support
  • Draw attention to local issues and local solutions
  • Do something new and exciting!

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