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I, Katja, and my twin sister, Küra, have lived in Cape Town for most of our adult lives. We’ve done a lot of travelling in Europe and Asia, with a couple of years spent in Germany and South Korea. And while we’ve absolutely loved our travels, they’ve also reminded us just how beautiful and diverse and full of fun Cape Town is! The city offers so much to enjoy, from mountain and ocean adventures to the bustling cityscape.

So, basically, we love the mother city, and decided it was high time we started writing about it! Both of us, after studying rather different things at the University of Cape Town, are writers and SEO strategists. And so, we’re applying our knowledge to our own city, and supporting travel and adventure right here.

You’ll also see Glenn pop up in a lot of the photos and some of the adventures. That’s my husband! And since I (Katja) am usually the one taking photos, he’s the one in front of them! He’s also so darn photogenic, I can’t help including him in the shots.


To explore Cape Town and write about our experiences, as well as the local businesses people can support


  • Conscious, ethical travel
  • Enthusiastic adventure-seeking
  • Supporting local industry and experiences
  • Vision

    To help Cape Town locals and visitors to explore all the many different sides of Cape Town and enjoy our city to the fullest. And to strengthen local industry and entrepreneurship where we can!

    Work with us

    If you're a Capetonian and you have a post you'd like to write for us, let us know! We love great content by local writers and explorers. We're also super happy to feature your photography in our posts, linking to your Insta profile. If you're a business with an experience or unique stay in South Africa, we may be interested in writing a review or activity post, so feel free to contact and we'll have a chat!

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