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Experiencing the best of Muizenberg | Neighbourhood guide

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Muizenberg has been my neighbourhood for about a year now, and I’m in love. This area is so beautiful, and so full of wonderful things to do — for locals and visitors. It connects the deep South with the rest of Cape Town, giving it the peace and nature of the South, and the busyness and movement of the city.

This article is split into the best, biggest things to do in Muizenberg, and the little special places and activities that make it a wonderful home. And, of course, some of the loveliest places to eat! Let’s get into it.

Getting to Muizenberg

train at Muizenberg train station

One of the best ways to get here is via train. Muizenberg is serviced by the upgraded blue trains, which feel (and are) safe and easy to use. The station stops right alongside Surfers Corner, which is exactly where you want to be.

If you want to catch the train, be sure to take cash, as most of the paypoints won’t accept any alternative. It’s super cheap, under R10 from anywhere in Cape Town.

If you’re driving to Muizenberg, I recommend you take the M3. It’s often a few minutes longer than the M5 route, but it’s the prettier drive, and a lot safer. I’ve never had any danger on the M5, but it passes through some areas infamous for carjacking and other crimes. 

6 greatest things to do in Muizenberg

Planning to visit Muizenberg? It’s got a ton to offer both day and night!

The Beach

Muizenberg huts on the beach

Muizenberg Beach is, of course, the main reason to come to Muizies! It’s a fantastic long beach, with calmer, warmer waters (compared to the Atlantic side of town). It’s a lovely safe space to swim, to surf and learn to surf, to laze in the sun, and to walk your dogs and/or yourselves!

Alongside the beach is Surfers Corner, a space of cafes, restaurants, surf-schools and shops. Be sure to stroll along and get yourself a treat. There’s also nothing quite like a hot brekkie bun and a coffee after a successful  surf!

Read our article dedicated to Muizenberg Beach if you want to know more.

Blue Bird Garage Market

Blue Bird garage market

This is one of the best food markets in Cape Town! It’s situated in a large lofty garage, and filled with locally made foods, treats, and drinks. There are also vendors selling second-hand books (a beautifully curated selection, I’ve found so many I love here), clothes, jewellery and crafts.

The market happens every Thursday and Friday eve, 4pm to 10pm, so if you’re in the area at this time, we highly recommend popping in. You really can’t go wrong with any of the options. 

The Commons

I LOVE the Commons. It’s really one of those spaces that tries its best to uplift and engage the community, creating so many events worth supporting. The Commons is a lovely place to visit for a light meal or a coffee during the day — and it has the best view over the ocean, undoubtedly. But it really comes alive at night. 

They have live music jams regularly (their Instagram page is the best place to see what’s happening now), as well as silent discos and vinyl grooves, storytelling, chess, and poetry eves, and public talks.

The Commons also has a yoga studio (offering, in addition to yoga, reiki, improv acting classes, and contemporary dance). They also have a gallery showcasing local artists. In other words, they do a bit of everything and they do it well. 


Surfers carrying their boards to the water at Muizenberg Beach

I’m adding this here in case it’s not clear — Muizenberg is famous for its perfect surf conditions, and if you’ve ever wanted to take a surfing lesson, this is one of the best places in the world to do it. Folks also rent apartments here, and book accommodation, just so that they can walk across to the beach in their wetsuits, board under arm. If that sounds great, you should do the same!

Surfers Corner has plenty of affordable board rentals, and just as many group and individual classes available. So whether you’ve been surfing for years, or you’re ready to start, it’s the perfect beach for the job.

Of course, if you’re an experienced barrel-rider, Muizenberg may be a little too mild for you. Check out the best places to surf in Cape Town to find the perfect conditions for you. 

St James walk

St James Walk looking back at Muizenberg

This is a stunning coastal walkway. It starts in Muizenberg, goes through St James, and takes you all the way to beautiful Kalk Bay! Terrific if you want to visit that part of town, but it’s also really lovely if you’re just looking for a stroll. 

Grab a coffee at Surfers Corner and go exploring — there are many rock pools filled with life to see, birds to watch, and general ocean gazing to enjoy.

First Thursdays Down South 

First Thursdays are always a lot of fun in Cape Town, with gallery crawls, free beer and wine, and live music events. But in the past year or so, the South has given the CBD a run for its money. 

For a perfect First Thursdays experience, I recommend you start at Kalk Bay, go to the lovely galleries along the neighbourhood’s main roads, and then, a couple hours later, head to Muizenberg. Here, there are a few galleries to visit too, and The Commons always hosts a great gig late into the night. So, you get art, culture, drink and dance, all in one Thursday eve!

Muizies restaurants and cafés 

eating at Hang Ten Cafe

Tortuga — a local Mexican restaurant with brilliant food, lovely decor and atmosphere, and delicious cocktails; perfect for a romantic evening date.

Empire Cafe — great vibe and big, tasty portions; I particularly enjoy their breakfasts!

Hang Ten Cafe — a local favourite, this is a really relaxed space, dog-friendly and remote worker friendly too; great coffees, juices, and vegan treats, and one of the few places you can try kelp lasagne.

Local’s corner

Muizenberg has a great deal more to offer than the tourist favourites — although as a local, those favourites are some of my own too! But looking further, Muizies can really keep you busy. There are also a number of ways to get involved and engaged in the community.

More things to do

walking on the Vlei

Take a walk on the Vlei

The Vlei is a little-known attraction in Muizenberg — despite being a large part of it! It’s a beautiful place to come bird-watching. We’ve seen cranes, flamingos, sea birds, and little birds like Cape Robin-chats among the reeds. It’s a biodiversity hotspot, right between the houses, and we love to see it!

Visit the art galleries

Muizenberg has a number of art galleries and creative spaces showcasing talented local artists. A few favourites are Gallery South, Blue Planet Fine Art, Studio 21, and of course, The Commons.

Go second-hand shopping

Muizies has a number of lovely second-hand shops selling clothes, homeware and books. A few favourites are Hidden Treasure, Living Hope, and The Preloved Shop. You’ll also find some really lovely second-hand clothing among local designers at Mystic Muiz. 

Go to the Muizenberg library

Get some great books on loan, use their desktops, or join an event hosted at this public space!

Sign up to a class at The Commons

Not only does The Commons host events and gigs, their studio space plays host to yoga, dance, improv and other weekly classes. The studio is also one of the most beautiful spaces in Muizenberg, its large windows offering a stunning view over the ocean and the mountain. I’ve done a yoga class here at sunset, and it was one of the most peaceful I’ve experienced.

Getting involved in the community

Getting involved in one of the community projects is a really great way to get to know people in your area, to help your fellow Muizers, and to ensure our neighbourhood is at its best, long-term. 

Join beach and vlei cleanups

The vlei in particular can pick up so much rubbish swept in from the surrounding areas. This endangers the fish that make their home in the shallow waters, the birds that hunt and nest here, and the dogs that get walked daily along the vlei banks. 

And of course, rubbish on the beach gets swept by the wind and high tide into the ocean, too. 

Community members can organise cleanups, but you can also just take a bag and some gloves, and do some cleaning up solo. There are official cleaners that come occasionally, but not at all often enough. 

Have dinner at Muizenberg Kitchen

The Muizenberg Community Kitchen provides affordable, plant-based meals to the local community. Collaborating with the Muizenberg Community Garden, they also offer services like freezer meals and weekly vegetable delivery.

Support homeless rehabilitation projects

Muizenberg has a number of shelters and rehabilitation projects for homeless people, providing housing, skills training, and therapy to some of our most vulnerable citizens. They’re really great projects to support — and a new one is opening up soon!

There are a number of ways to support these projects, including donations and skills sharing. You can support New Hope’s work-based program or buy one of their woodwork pieces (our desk and planter boxes are both their work!). 

You can also support the Muizenberg branch of U-Turn by volunteering your time, buying vouchers, or running a clothing drive.

Join FynbosLife talks and buy some native plants

FynbosLIFE is a non-profit committed to protecting and promoting the city’s endangered lowland fynbos biodiversity. Run by botanists, ecologists, and horticulturists, FynbosLIFE focuses on conservation through educational horticulture, habitat restoration projects, and operating the Cape Flats Fynbos Nursery — here in Muizenberg! 

They believe in the power of gardening with locally indigenous flora to support urban wildlife conservation. It’s a wonderful mission, and one you can support by planting a few of their native plants in your own garden.

Make the most of Muizenberg

Now you know all the best of Muizenberg! It is such a beautiful part of Cape Town, and it’s just getting better every year.

If I’ve missed something you love to do or see in the neighbourhood, please let me know. I’d love to see it for myself and add it to the list!

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Table of Contents