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Camping at Suikerbossie Guest Farm in the Cederberg

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Suikerbossie is a stunning working farm in the Cederberg, with some of the most beautiful private campsites I’ve experienced! They have several camping grounds for 2 – 17 people, all sitting right on the river, most with private entrances to the water’s edge.

We had such a beautiful weekend here, relaxing by the river, birdwatching, strolling through the Cederberg wilderness, swimming and braai-ing. And there’s a great deal more you can do!

It’s the perfect spot for couples and families with small children, with so much to do and such surrounding beauty. A true escape.

Basic information

Pet friendly: Yes!

Cell reception: None, you’ll be out of range

Ablutions: There are good, clean bathroom facilities; but you need to bring your own soap and toilet paper

Getting here: You can reach the farm from Ceres on R303 or via Citrusdal over Middelburg Pass. The route includes a long stretch of dirt road – it’s well-packed and maintained, but if you’re renting a car make sure that the agreement allows for dirt road travel, otherwise you will be fined

Campsite rules:

  • No music allowed
  • No bins, so it’s important that you take your rubbish away with you
  • You need a net under your tent so that you don’t strangle the grass; they rent out nets if you have none

Camping at Suikerbossie

camping at suikerbossie

Suikerbossie Guest Farm caters to a variety of camping styles and group sizes. You can get a spot with a private entrance to the river, or a few steps from the shared jetty. The smallest space is for two, while the largest accommodates ten people.

We stayed at Visarend, a beautiful secluded campsite with a floating deck on the river, tonnes of space, a water source and braai drum. It was such a beautiful spot that we didn’t even mind having caught cold the day we arrived. We spent all of the first day sitting on our deck or on the shaded bank overlooking the river and reading, listening to the birds and watching the light change on the river. Such a peaceful bit of holiday, the only bad thing about it was having to leave.

All of the campsites are an easy walk to the bathroom and fridge. Some have a ground cover and some don’t, but all need one laid down before you put your tent up. And very importantly – all the sites include some shade, as the Cederberg can get very hot in summer!

If you choose to take one of the glamping sites, just bring yourselves, bedding and food, as they’re very well-equipped!

Suikerbossie activities

Whether your plan is to sit on your deck and read all weekend or to explore everything Suikerbossie has to offer, you’ll have a wonderful time. And there’s a lot to do — too much to fit into a weekend while still relaxing, so I’ve put everything together to help you plan!

I asked Samantha Botha, who works at Suikerbossie, what she loves about the farm, and this is what she thinks:

“The gentle current of the river as the fish leap out of the water as the sun rising over the mountains welcomes a new day. Children running on the luscious green grass, through the veld, swimming in the river water, jumping in puddles and catching dragonflies to lure the fish to the jetty… This is just the beginning of a day filled with the adventures of Suikerbossie Guest Farm. The Koue Bokkeveld never has nothing to give even on misty and rainy days. The rain brings fresh water for the wildlife and plant life, new flowers blossom, new life begins and different adventures arise. This is true beauty in its purest form.”

Hiking and mountain biking trails

mountain biking in the cederberg

Enjoying the mountain biking trails, photo courtesy of Bicycle South

The Cederberg mountain range is a paradise for hikers. You can get lost here, just you and the elements! Fortunately, though, getting lost isn’t a requirement, just an option. There are clearly marked trails crisscrossing the farm and its neighbours, and the most popular are outlined in the little pamphlet map you get upon entrance.

If you’re looking for the best MTB trails, I recommend asking Samantha at reception. She’ll be able to point you in the right direction!


man diving into the river

Diving into the calm river, photo by Rory Springthorp

The very best thing to do while camping! My absolute favourite thing about Suikerbossie is the fact that the deep, wide river runs right past the campsites. You can just jump in while the braai is going or have a splash to wake up in the morning. Dreamy!

Probably the best campsite for swimming is Tarzaan, as it has its own rope swing you can use to launch into the river – perfect for a family with kids (or enthusiastic adults). You can also rent tubes to float with on the water — just be sure to slather up with sunscreen, as the river itself has little shade.

And then, of course, the camp area is not the only place you can swim. Many of the hiking trails take you past rock pools and river bends, and even a waterfall. All are swimmable!

Bird watching

a weaver bird at its nest

Weaver bird at its nest, photo by Samantha Botha

This area has many beautiful birds to watch and listen out for. You can sit at your campsite overlooking the water and spot weavers, cape robin chats and mourning doves. Or take the binoculars for a walk and find a great deal more.

Stroll through the citrus groves

orange trees at suikerbossies working farm

If it’s citrus season (roughly December to February) I recommend strolling through the orange groves.  The trees are so striking with that mountainous backdrop, perfect for a calm early morning or golden hour excursion from your campsite. And it smells fantastic! They also sell fresh orange juice from the fridge, with an honour payment system.

Bushman paintings

The Cederberg is a great place to find bushman paintings due to the dry climate and untouched expanse of its nature. You just need to know where to look. Luckily, the folks at Suikerbossie know where to look – and while the paintings are faded and faint, the opportunity to see them, painted so many hundreds of years ago with clay, sap, blood and plant pigments, is incredible.

Tractor rides

tractor ride on the farm

Tractor ride at sunset, photo courtesy of Suikerbossie Guest Farm

Tractor rides are a really classic farm activity, and one I remember fondly from my own childhood!.Take your kids to explore the farm on a slow-rumbling, giant-wheeled (a very important feature for children!) tractor. It’s loud and impressive and lots of fun.

Take a trip to the Cederberg

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to go camping in the Cederberg, Suikerbossie is a really brilliant option – particularly for those looking for some privacy and peace, or a little well-catered family fun.

Some other favourite campsites in the area are Rocklands for bouldering and highlining, Jamaka for weekend socials, and Beaverlac for kloofing. All are surrounded by the unique rocky landscapes of this special part of the world.

The shared pier, photo courtesy of Suikerbossie Guest Farm

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Table of Contents