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Best time to visit Cape Town

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Cape Town is such a beautiful city to visit any time of year! But of course, the kind of holiday you’re looking to have is affected by the seasons. Summer is windy but dreamy, the favourite for most tourists. However, winter is much better for surfing and snorkelling. Spring is perfect for whale watching and wildflowers. And Autumn is a daily surprise, at least weather-wise!

I’ve put together all the pros and cons of each season, and what kind of holiday best suits the different times of year. So read on to plan your perfect holiday at the foot of Table Mountain.

Weather in Cape Town

Precipitation: Cape Town’s rainy season in winter, so you’re much more likely to experience proper rainfall between the months of May and August. The warmer months experience little to none.

Wind: Cape Town is also known as the windy city – it’s the one aspect of our weather the locals complain about! The worst season for wind speeds is summer, so you might experience some flying sand with your beach days. Our windiest months are December and January.

Temperature: Our hottest month is February, with temperatures averaging 22℃ (72℉) but reaching heights of 40℃. The coldest month is July, averaging 13℃ (55℉).

FAQs on the best time to visit Cape Town

One of the biggest decisions to make when visiting Cape Town is when to do it. People have so many questions related to that decision, so I’ve decided to answer them all here. And in a handy dropdown so that you can just check out the answers you’re looking for!

This is so dependent on who you are and what you’re looking for. But as a general to branch out from – October is the best month to visit Cape Town. It’s not too busy and bustling, not too hot or windy, the whales are still here off the coast, Spring has sprung, and everything is beautiful. You can’t really go wrong with October!

February is Cape Town’s hottest month. The average high hovers at around 26℃ (79℉) but can regularly reach highs of 35℃ (95℉). The average low is around 17.5℃ (63℉).

No, Cape Town doesn’t have a humid summer. Our summers are hot, clear, and dry, with very little rainfall. We have a Mediterranean climate and a good deal of wind keeping things fresh.

Thankfully not! It is often windy, particularly in summer. But there are many calm days even in the sunny season. 

The wind is most present between October and March. And while it can be frustrating, it’s locally referred to as the Cape Doctor, because it keeps our air clean and hot days cooled.

Cape Town’s rainy season is winter, between May and August. June is our wettest month with around 93 mm (3.66 inches) of precipitation. However, it often doesn’t rain as much as it should.

Funny enough, much of South Africa experiences its rainy season in summer, or more widely, from October to April. The dry season, then, is winter. South Africa’s a large country, with surprisingly diverse climates and natural landscapes. It makes for quite a spectacular country!

You need at least three days to enjoy Cape Town. There’ll be lots you’ll miss, but in three days you can make a trip up Table Mountain, relax at a charming cafe, visit a beach or two, admire the local flora at Kirstenbosch Gardens, and maybe even go paragliding off Signal Hill! Now, that might not be your idea of a good time, but basically, three days is a good amount of time to tick off your favourites.

When to visit Cape Town

Capetonians often joke about experiencing four seasons in one day. And it’s true, one day can be cloudy with drizzle, and then turn perfect without a cloud in the sky. And then go right back to grey after the fast winds shuffle the clouds back over us. So whatever season you do visit, bring layers!

Now, let’s jump right into the seasons of Cape Town, and the best time of year for you to visit.

Spring – September to November

My favourite view of the Twelve Aposltes from Kloof Corner hike

Spring is such a beautiful season everywhere, but considering the unique indigenous plantlife we live amongst here, it can feel extra special in Cape Town. Spring is the best season for hiking phenomenal Table Mountain, as you’ll see such a bright, colourful array of wildflowers.

The flower season is the best time to visit Cape Town for those who are looking to avoid the summer crowds. The city is busiest in December and January, so coming to Cape Town in November, when it’s warm enough for ocean dips but you’re mostly surrounded by locals, can really be the sweet spot. It’s also the best time for a city sightseeing tour, with temperate weather and low winds.

Finally, Spring is the season for whale watching! The southern tip of Africa is the mating and calving grounds of the southern right whale, so we’re lucky enough to spot them close up throughout the season! If you join a whale watching boat trip in Hermanus between August and November, you’re almost guaranteed a sighting of these incredible animals.

Best things to do in Spring

Flower season on the West Coast – The West Coast National Park has rolling fields of wildflowers, flitting birds and striking coastal scenes. It’s exquisite in Spring, particularly late August and September. Just keep in mind that on sunny weekends during this period, everyone will have the same idea. So weekdays are best if you can arrange that!

Whale watching – The whale watching, especially in the nearby town of Hermanus, is dreamy! If you’re working with a smaller budget, you can also go kayaking (we saw a dolphin mother and calf on this experience).

Summer – December to February

Summer is, like for most of us, my absolute favourite season. And Cape Town does summer so well! It rarely gets unbearably hot, and when it does you’ve got beaches all over the place to go cool off, as well as various dams like the beautiful Silvermine dam. It is windy reasonably often, as our sunny season is unfortunately also our windy one. But the wind clears away the city pollution and leaves us with perfect views and impeccable sunsets.

My top recommendation for summer is a whole bunch of beach days. But much more than that, you can also go snorkelling – like this seal snorkelling tour in Hout Bay – and kayaking. Summer in Cape Town is also the best time of year to go wine tasting in Constantia or in Franschoek, because sunny days and good wine go so well together.

Finally, summer is also the most popular time to visit Cape Town because it’s when the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing winter! So it’s the perfect breakaway from grey days.

Best things to do in Summer

Beach days – While Cape Town never really gets freezing, our beautiful beaches are certainly a lot more exciting when you can really soak in the warmth before dipping into our very cold water!

Christmas markets – Like most other parts of the world, Cape Town has some lovely Christmas markets! They tend to be day markets, and they’re a lovely place to find special locally made pieces and fun presents.

Sunset cruise – You can do this any day of the year, but a boat trip can get really chilly, so summer is the best season for it. You’re also more likely to spot dolphins and other marine life.

Try windsurfing – From November through March, windsurfing along the far-stretching Muizenberg and Blouberg beaches is super popular. I’ve seen people fly through the air five meters up, with dozens of brightly coloured sails dotting the coastline, all through the summer season.

Autumn – March to May

Honestly, Autumn feels like such a narrow sliver in Cape Town that I hardly consider it a season. March still feels like the last days of summer, and May is winter creeping in. Many of our trees are evergreen, so the environment doesn’t undergo a great change.

Still, Autumn has it’s draws! The tourist crowds are far smaller than in summer, the weather is still sweet but without those occasional boiling hot days. The days are perfect for hiking, snorkeling, and a number of other adventure sports. Autumn is also the season for our Two Oceans Marathon, the Cape Town Cycle Tour!

Best things to do in Autumn

Wine tasting – Autumn is harvest season, so it’s the best time to go wine tasting not only for the wine, but the experience! We have so many wineries, and many of them encourage visitors to come and participate in the harvest and process, making for a very fun day out.

Go camping – early Autumn is the best time to go camping around Cape Town! You’ll share the campsites with few others, and it’s still plenty warm to go swimming and exploring. Two top recommendations are Beaverlac for tented camping and Kogelberg Nature Reserve for cabins.

Go climbing – Now this isn’t something for everybody, but if you’re a climber you’ll know that the mountains around Cape Town are great for top rope climbing. The chillier seasons are perfect for this fantastically fun activity, as you’ll be sweating less, which means better grip!

Winter – June to August

Winter is, surprisingly, the best season for ocean sports. Because the season is far less windy, underwater visibility is better for snorkelling and scuba diving. The calmer waters also combine with greater swells and a smaller temperature shock for surfers. We have some of the best waves for surfing here in Cape Town, so you’ll see a board on every wave in the chilly season!

Winter is also a great season for hikers, as you can gain the steep mountaintops without sweating out half your body weight under the hot summer sun.

Because the wind dies down so nicely in winter, locals actually really enjoy the season. It seldom gets very cold (unlike further inland, like my temperature-extreme hometown of Oudtshoorn), and the sun is out as often as not. There are also plenty of snug cafes and indoor things to do on rainy days.

Best things to do in Winter

Go surfing – As I mentioned, winter is the best season for surfers, as the swells are better, the water’s warmer, and the wind is low.

Visit some of Cape Town’s museums – One of the best things to do during a rainy day is to visit an interesting museum or gallery. We have a number of them in the city center. I’d recommend the National Gallery, the Zeits Mocca, and the Iziko Slave Lodge, where you can learn about our history of Apartheid and beyond.

So, what’s the official best time to go to Cape Town?

As you’ll have seen, there really is no wrong time to go to Cape Town. The weather is mild and enjoyable, and there are so many adventures to be had in every season! It just depends on what you’re looking for.

Many people’s favourite season, though, is summer, and Cape Town is the perfect place to be for it. The balmy weather, beach days, clear skies (thanks to the wind) and general vibe of summer is just unbeatable. You’ll also find more festivals and music nights, more open-air events, and a general feeling of South African gees. Just be prepared to be blown away by the wind every now and then!

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